New Technology planned for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

There are many reasons to get excited about the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Of course, as with every Olympic Games, there is the opportunity to see the world’s best athletes go head to head, not to mention the fun and entertainment of the opening and closing ceremonies. However, many people are excited about the location of the Games this year, for one reason in particular: Japan is one of the most technologically advanced and forward-thinking countries in the world. With that in mind, here is a sample of some of the tech innovations you can expect in Tokyo this year…


New Technology at the Olympic Games could include Self-driving taxis

Tokyo is leading the way with driverless taxis, with car manufacturers like Mercedes, Toyota, and BMW all scrambling to be the first company to get a fully functioning autonomous car on the road. The hope is that self-driving taxis will be available in time for the Games.


Prepare for an army of robots as this new technology hits the Olympic Games

No, we’re not joking; you are likely to see robots everywhere at this Olympics. As one of the world’s most automated nations, there are enough robots to fill a small village in Japan, and this is exactly what the Olympic committee is aiming to achieve. They will be installing robots throughout the athletes’ Olympic Village, in the Odaiba neighbourhood of Tokyo. Don’t worry, though; it is not only the athletes who will benefit from this luxury. Many of the 920,000 foreigners visiting Japan for the event will be able to make the most of robotic helpers to beckon transport, ask for directions, or get assistance with language translation. 


Instant language translation

As a continuation of the point above about language translation, it is worth noting that there is a relatively low English language skill level in Japan, when compared with other nations (>10% could have a basic conversation). To combat this, cutting-edge instant translation technology is being rolled out for 2020. This real-time translation app, backed by the Japanese government, will accommodate seven languages for text translation. Voice translation will be available too, albeit with some limitations. The agency has said around 90 per cent of spoken content can be understood via the app. 


As you can see from the snippets of information above, Tokyo 2020 is set to be the most futuristic Games yet. Which pieces of technology are you most excited to see? And what do you predict will be available in the Olympic Games of the future?

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