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The Rise Of The Rugby Hospitality Individual

It is clear that over the years, corporate hospitality has flourished. But, as the Rugby World Cup 2019™ fast approaches, we have noticed that rugby hospitality is becoming more popular with individuals who are simply purchasing the packages for themselves or for their friends and loved ones. 

Why you might ask? Well if you want to have the best seats available to ‘sold-out’ matches, a delicious private meal before the game (majority at an amazing off-side location) and first-class service (amongst other benefits) throughout, a hospitality package is the way to go.

Offering far more of an overall experience than a standard ticket (and getting you to matches which are no longer available on the general ticket sites), the benefits that come with it are more than worth the extra cost. When you think about how much you would spend on a fine dining meal, drinks before and after the game, and the best available seats in the stadium. For those with a little more to spend on a ticket, they will have a first-class experience, watching rugby from the comfort of the best available seat all the while creating a once in a lifetime experience.

Corporate hospitality is popular due to the way that it can be used as a tool to encourage clients into buying into what their business is selling and for networking reasons (see our other post on the 9 Great Benefits You’ll Get with Our Rugby Hospitality). Individuals that are purchasing hospitality packages for rugby matches are rising in popularity as people are starting to realise that in order to watch a rugby match in an exciting and unique way, they have to invest in a package that offers exactly that. The Rugby World Cup is such a huge and historic sporting event that people will want to experience it in the best way possible. With sports hospitality continuing to rise, as people are looking to spend more on finer things in life (Glamping, Premium upgrades, VIP zones at concerts), rugby hospitality is following suit.

Rugby Hospitality Individual

As standard tickets to popular matches tend to sell out quickly, often the hospitality packages are one of the only ways to guarantee your way to the semi-finals and finals. This should not be seen as a downfall; for rugby fanatics who are looking for an extraordinary experience it is a way of celebrating the event in a (possibly) once-in-a-lifetime way. For those who often buy hospitality packages for rugby games, they would have grown accustomed to the quality that they have witnessed with the package, persuading them to package each time they see a match.

Adding an opulent aspect to the game, people will still be able to feel the atmosphere of the crowd, whilst having the extra bonus an amazing experience with rugby insights from ex-rugby players beforehand will you enjoy a first class meal, the best seats undercover to watch the match all followed up with excellent after match entertainment and post-match insights. A rugby hospitality package is also worth the investment if you are celebrating a special occasion – such as a birthday or anniversary – everyone deserves to feel like a VIP every once in a while.

Rugby Hospitality Individual

As you can indulge in private dining and take full advantage of the VIP lounge at the hospitality venue before the game, you will arrive at the stadium on a high that can continue throughout the day and will continue through to the after match entertainment, so win or lose you are going to have an truly memorable time. With transport provided to take you to and from the stadium, you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy an extraordinary day out at the rugby. Each hospitality venues that we use is of the highest quality, with luxury furnishings – making the experience just that little bit more fabulous, whether you are with your family or friends. 

Rugby Hospitality Individual

For rugby hospitality, there is also a wide range of different package options, from £500 upwards (from offsite venues with fun and vibrant authentic Japanese street food style dinning through to fine dining in your own private suites). As there are different price brackets available, it makes the hospitality packages more suitable for individuals wanting to purchase them. Of course, for some individuals, the price would not matter as much as having a ‘money-can’t buy experience’ like seeing your beloved rugby team lifting the Rugby World Cup.

It is evident that the popularity of purchasing a rugby hospitality package will continue to rise as time goes on. With the number of people starting to notice the benefits of rugby hospitality, and how lovers of rugby are now looking at squeezing even more of an experience from each match as rugby hospitality seems to be now the only way to guarantee your spot at many of the play-off matches as the Rugby World Cup grows closer and closer. With it being located in Japan this year, people will want to enjoy an experience that differs from the usual rugby game in their home country. If you are travelling from the UK, you might be more likely to spend a little more money in order to have a truly unforgettable experience – one that is so much more than a standard ticket and is instead an experience you will never forget.