Tokyo 2020 Olympic Official Hospitality

Businesses and individuals can enjoy an unparalleled experience with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Official Hospitality programme, guaranteeing the very best tickets and access to in-venue hospitality during the Games.

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Hospitality Packages are available for the following events:

  • Opening / Closing Ceremony – POA
  • Athletics – From ¥160,000 (£1,117*)
  • Aquatics – From ¥100,000 (£698*)
  • Basketball – From ¥245,000 (£1,712*)
  • Baseball – From ¥270,000 (£1,887*)
  • Softball – From ¥170,000 (£1,188*)
  • Equestrian – From ¥210,000 (£1,468*)
  • Football – From ¥210,000 (£1,468*)
  • Gymnastics – From ¥90,000 (£629*)
  • Golf – From ¥175,000 (£1,223*)
  • Judo – From ¥210,000 (£1,468*)
  • Karate – From ¥125,000 (£874*)
  • Rugby – From ¥115,000 (£804*)
  • Tennis – From ¥150,000 (£1,048*)
  • Taekwondo – From ¥100,000 (£699*)
  • Table Tennis – From ¥110,000 (£769*)
  • Wrestling – From ¥245,000 (£1,713*)

*Price correct as on 10/01/2020 UTC from Due to currency fluctuations, STH Live can’t guarantee exact GBP value stated

I would go as far to say, best hospitality experience I have been to! And that’s saying something considering the score line.
Managing Director, Hospitality Industry
I wasn’t expecting it to be anywhere near as good, and it wasn’t why I got the tickets. But when we got to the event it seemed to justify the cost. Well done all, and please keep up the standards, you’ve set yourself a very high bar.
Managing Director, Banking Industry
It’s hard to know what to say when I’ve had one of the best experiences of my life on Saturday. Thank You doesn’t do it justice.
Executive, Banking Industry
The feedback from the guests and my colleagues that went has been nothing short of brilliant. They said that the hospitality was excellent, pre-match atmosphere built up the game very well and then the excitement and thrill of such a close game made the experience even better.
Director, Marketing Industry
One of our party has attended more than 10 hospitality events over a number of World Cups and at the end remarked that it was by far the best quality of hospitality of all his attendances that he experienced… Japan 2019 probably has you to thank that we will seriously consider travelling there even though the distance for us is very long.
Executive, Banking Industry

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