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What To Wear To Rugby Hospitality

Whether you are watching the game with clients, or are enjoying the occasion with friends and family, you want to ensure that you are dressed correctly, which is why we have created our guide to What To Wear To Rugby Hospitality.

Overall, no matter what the occasion, you should dress smart casual so knowing what to wear to a rugby hospitality event is important. Whilst hospitality is a premium experience, it does not mean that you have to go full formal – you are at a rugby game after all. But you will want an outfit that you are comfortable in and that is appropriate for the style of hospitality and occasion.


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Rugby World Cup 2019 is being held in Japan, therefore you need to be dressing appropriately for the climate. In September when the tournament begins, the average temperature is 26°. For this temperature, if you are a man, you will want to wear light trousers (such as chinos), lace-up shoes and a collared shirt – linen is a good option as it is light and very breathable. For women, you can wear a smart pair of trousers and a smart top or a summer dress. However, always be prepared and have a light weight cardigan handy in case the temperature does suddenly change or the air conditioning is too cold. What you wear is your personal preference, as long as it is not ripped jeans or trainers, no matter how ‘in Vogue’ they are.


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In November, the temperature averages a high of around 17°. Even though this might not seem cold for those from the UK, it might be cold for those who are travelling to Rugby World Cup 2019 from other countries. For this weather, men might feel more comfortable in smart trousers and either a collared or polo shirt and jumper with a scarf. For women, a pair of smart trousers, a blouse and a jacket would be fitting.


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If you are enjoying corporate hospitality for business purposes, you want to ensure that you are dressed appropriately – especially if you are trying to impress potential clients. Therefore you might want to wear something a little smarter – not necessarily a full suit, but perhaps suit trousers and a shirt, or go the other way around with some chinos/trousers and a blazer. You still want to represent your brand and your professionalism – this should not be ignored just because it is a rugby game. If you are a client meeting with a company at the game, you will also have to wear a formal outfit that will respect both the host and the occasion.


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Rugby shirts can also be appropriate if you have an official hospitality package in a more relaxed setting such as the Gold or Sport packages. Canterbury (an official sponsor of Rugby World Cup 2019) have rugby t-shirts and polo shirts for both men and women that can be appropriate to wear, whether you are attending Rugby World Cup 2019 or another game with rugby hospitality in the future. Our advice is always to consider the environment and company, as sometimes a rugby shirt might not be suitable.


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If you are still unsure as to what to wear, it is always advisable to be overdressed than underdressed. Rugby hospitality is normally paired up with a formal sit-down meal, so keep that in mind when deciding on your outfit. If still unsure you can contact your sales representative or client services, who will always be happy to offer their recommendation based on the packages you or your company have purchased. 


What To Wear To Rugby Hospitality